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Bitcoin pros and cons that you should know

Today, digital currency received a lot of acceptance And the widest range became another trend that is increasingly talked about. During the past many years It has begun to be adopted as the most popular currency. In particular, bitcoin is already the most accepted.

And at the same time, many parties began to express their opinions, both positive and negative. Is this currency really the currency of the future or is it hope? of transactions in which the payment of goods or services which may be replaced by the banknotes that we use today as well

But on the other hand, I still do not believe that these cryptocurrencies are. will be able to represent the current banknotes or money Because there is no middle man who really takes care and directs. Concerned about the occurrence of the bubble burst and including But those who hope to get rich in a shortcut Let’s play without knowledge in the midst of the dream of the most predictable bitcoin price. So I thought that it would be an investment in everything. But there are advantages and disadvantages that differ according to the investments we choose.

advantages of bitcoin

• For the advantages of bitcoin, I would like to recommend. It is an unregulated currency. and was not interfered with the price at all Its value does not rest on the control of any agency or government. It is another thing that can be said. We are truly the owner of this currency.

• The value is constantly increasing. Because people are starting to have a demand for such currency. If you choose to invest in buying bitcoins and keep them. For use in the future, it will be said that the price will continue to rise. While we own the same amount of bitcoins.

• Currency transfer service that can be done quickly through the Internet without having to have an intermediary at the end of the month to be a bank or others We can also receive or send bitcoin to anyone in the world by ourselves.

• No fees. In the end it’s a bitcoin market investment where you won’t pay any fees. In the so-called investment is very small. And it depends on the broker you choose.

Disadvantages of bitcoin

• such currency There is also a high volatility in price and high risk. If you constantly follow the price of a trade and the consistency is clearly visible From the volatility of currency and currency prices. Therefore, you need to keep track of the price of the trade well. and study well before

• There is no legal support from any country, many of which Especially the Bank of Thailand has not accepted. in such currency that can be legally used or settled

• Not very widespread. Although this period has begun to be discussed a lot. For cryptocurrencies like bitcoin that can be traded And have started to invest some, but it is not widely available to people around the world. It is used for only certain groups of people. And also very popular, especially in Thailand and in some countries as well.

• It may seem difficult. For newbies who need time to learn both the system in forex trading and the basic knowledge

• There are some groups that adopt Bitcoin. It is used in the dark business because the transaction is processed. called incognito in use So it’s another opportunity for people who do dark business. as a channel for money laundering itself

• Very high risk. to be hacked due to digital operations There is already a high risk that a group of hackers will experiment. especially brokers with relatively low security itself

In conclusion,

many people probably understand and know the meaning of both the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin because there is absolutely no investment. and everyone was able to see that How to invest in the market must be done in order to make a profit. for ourselves as well, both in the short term And including long-term planning as well, but do not forget that Investing is more risky than investing in cryptocurrencies. Education and thought are required. Be careful before entering the investment.