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My Husband Will Not Stop His Extreme Drinking

The only efficient therapy is as an inpatient in a rehab clinic. To persuade him that he really has a problem, you may have the help of an expert “interventionist”, who would come to your own home. Web sites to guide you thru the strategy of getting help embrace: first4rehab.com, Нарколог на дом в вашем районе steps2rehab.com and admitservices.co.uk.

On the morning of June 22, municipal deputy and Pussy Riot activist Lyusya Shtein walked out of her building and noticed a police van was parked in the alleyway. “Three officers ran up from behind and stated ‘Stop.’ I stopped. They said, ‘Come with us.’ I mentioned: ‘What’s the explanation for the arrest?’ They mentioned: ‘We’ll tell you on the station.’ They [requested] if I refused to go. I stated no, I’m not refusing. And that i went [with them] calmly,” Shtein advised Meduza.

What, then, can you do? The answer, I’m afraid, is that you haven’t any power to compel him to stop behaving this fashion. As long as he shouldn’t be harming you or anyone else immediately because of his drinking, and so long as he just isn’t breaking the legislation, you can’t veto his alcohol consumption. You may speak to his doctors if you want – it may assist them to know how much he is drinking in the case of prescribing his remedy. But neither you nor they will drive him to cease.