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About Us

Harar Et, a name from the Eastern region of Ethiopia though it is a little Ethiopia where all ethnic groups of Ethiopians living side by side peacefully. Harar with it’s beautiful landscapes and friendly Hyenas been visited by so many international visitors every single year. Ethiopia as an origin of human kind in addition to the origin of Coffee accommodating so many diverse and vibrant regions out of which we have chosen the name Harar Et Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant to be our brand name. It is run by the two cousins very well experienced in Ethio-Eritrean cushion for the last 7 years. Harar Et offers the whole range of Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes that suits for friends, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and memorial functions in door or outdoor services. Come and enjoy it

Harar City – The Must-Know Coffee Traditions

Harar is a city in eastern Ethiopia popular for its rich history as the leading holy city in Islam and its naturally processed coffee. Some say the first mention of the all-time famous Harar coffee dates back to the 16th century and historical documents reveal that by the 1800s, Harar became the leading trade centre for coffee. There are several coffee farms in the area, constructed straight out of the dense rocks in highlands. And we can say from our experience that eastern Ethiopia's Harar coffee region is a location where many cultural gems and historical sites are waiting to entice you with powerful coffee flavours.