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ABOUT US Welcome to Harar Restaurant is south London's unique dining experience OUR MENU Restaurant HARAR ET Spicy RICH FLAVOR Vegetarian Platters 20 % OFF Chicken Fish Lamb EXPLORE THE MENU
Excellence In Service
We provide fresh and healthy dishes created by a passionate team of chefs RESERVE TABLE CONTACT US
We Provide Fresh and Healthy Dishes

We Provide Fresh and Healthy Dishes

Harar Restaurant is south London’s unique dining experience, enjoy the excellent service which offers the best in city hospitality – warmth, character and a passion for good food. Expect great food, a warm welcome and a lively atmosphere. This is a restaurant you’ll return again and again

Traditional Services

Traditional Services

We offer a wide variety of Cultural dishes with ingredients directly imported from Ethiopia to preserve its taste and with the skills and experience we have in the industry. Our traditional meals are served with Injera that is baked in the traditional oven here in the house.

Harar Et Restaurant is waiting for you in a new style after been closed for some time due to COVID-19. The EthioEritrean cushion by the known Chefs TG and Serke is ready to serve you for all your requirements be it is for your daily lunch/dinner services or all occasions including Birthday parties, Engagements, Weddings, Baby showers, Christenings, takeaways for indoor functions or any other requirements.



Chickpeas and sesame paste served with pita bread

Chillie Snigh

Green Chillis stuffed with onion slices and fresh tomatoes dressed in olive oil


Spicy green lentil stew with onion and chillie (served cold)

Green Salad

Freshly prepared green salad with tomato in olive oil

Home Made Sambusa (Veg / Meat / Chicken)

Fried pastry shell with potato, onion and pea stuffing


Key Wot

Spicy hot beef stew slowly cooked to blend With the rich combination of spices and chilli.


Finely chopped lean and tender beef seasoned In butter, herbs and paprika.

Kitfo Special

Finely chopped lean and tender beef seasoned In butter & mitmita ( hot paprika) with cottage cheese & spinach

Gored Gored

Lean cubes of beef mixed with special butter herbs and paprika

Minchet Abish Key

Minced beef stew, cooked in herbs & spices. (hot)

Minchet Abish Alicha

Minced beef stew, cooked in herbs & spices (mild)
Platters From  £15.00

Platters From £15.00

Vegetarian From £8.00

Vegetarian From £8.00